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A Comprehensive Approach

Perhaps your business has decided that it needs to move into a new market or obtain a new capability in order to achieve future growth targets. Maybe you have decided on an acquisition target but require additional analysis on the target’s business health or whether or not it is a good fit. Or perhaps your company is nearing completion of a merger, but has discovered some challenges on how best to integrate the two companies post merge. We can help.

How We Partner:  Change Management Partners has managed multiple aspects of mergers and acquisitions first hand and is uniquely positioned to help you evaluate a potential merger’s value creation. We have the experience to help clients understand the opportunities and risks of mergers and acquisitions while simultaneously exploring options for creating additional value with existing markets and capabilities. We work with clients to perform due diligence on merge/acquisition candidates, highlight possible risks and identify synergy opportunities. We understand what it takes to bring two companies together and can work with your teams to develop robust “Day 1” plans to ensure a seamless post- merge integration which delivers maximized value creation.